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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is SMART HIRE ? SMART HIRE is a Digitalize Interview Scoring platform that shortlist candidates via scoring system that evaluate candidates answer as if in real interview session. Employer set interview questions that requires candidates to answer before they submit their job application. By this way, employers are ensured only serious candidates that qualify for the job applies based on their scoring. Employer can further set 2nd interview by applying profiling test, communication test, technical test and the candidates that pass through the tests are further shortlisted for the next round of interviews. Interview questions set can be in multiple answers format, true or false, scenario based and even in video format. What do you mean by Interview Scoring ? To avoid non-serious candidate, applicants are required to answer sets of questions that will be scored when they apply for a specific job. This way, employers are able to filter out serial candidates that apply for any jobs without proper experience or qualifications. Only serious and suitable candidates that complete the interview scoring process will be considered. Based on the scoring results, candidates that scores the highest score will be considered for the next interview process. WHO should use SMART HIRE ? Any organizations big or small that faces challenges in hiring to on-boarding process in recruitment should consider SMART HIRE to automate their tasks. SMART HIRE have package that suits SME and ENTERPRISE. It can reduce time, costs and effort up to 60%. Who is behind SMART HIRE ? SMART HIRE is a Digital Interview Scoring platform operated by iFORTE. iFORTE provides HR services of Recruitment, Contract Staffing and Managed Payroll Services since 2002. Our recruiters served more than 150 clients mostly MNC BPO and Global Shared Services. We processed payroll for more than a thousand employees worth RM6 Mil on a monthly basis. Established since 2002 ISO 9001: 2015 Certified (QMS:03182) More than 30, 000 filtered candidates Certified Human Resource (CHRO) professionals Do candidates need to pay to use SMART HIRE ? Candidate applies for FREE. They just need to be serious about the job that they applies. Candidates can apply for jobs via SMART HIRE via: Individual companies career website Various job portals that employer’s advertise and then apply via the link to SMART HIRE interview scoring SMART HIRE community job board What are the main features of SMART HIRE ? When employer subscribes to SMART HIRE, they get the following main features: JOB CAMPAIGN SETUP INTERVIEW SCORING FEATURES APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM PRE-ON BOARDING SERVICES ADD ON